Cybersecurity Workshop for Small Business

Learn how to protect what matters the most: your business tech and your peace of mind!
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Next Cybersecurity Workshop:

Tuesday, April 9th
9:00am – 11:00am
(Workshops every second Tuesday of each month)

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • I don’t remember the last time I changed my email password 🤔
  • Our business is too small, nobody is going to hack us
  • We back up all our data… in this memory stick 👍
  • I am using a free antivirus, that’s good enough right?
  • Ransomware? Isn’t that a movie with Liam Neeson?

This Workshop will help you:

✅ Make a full assessment of your cybersecurity situation 

✅ Learn easy to implement cybersecurity measures 

✅ Find out if your business is compliant with your industry’s cybersecurity 

✅ Share this newly acquired knowledge with your staff, family and friends 

About The Workshop

This Cybersecurity Workshop is designed to help small business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and/or solopreneurs identify and understand vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their IT environments and to implement the necessary strategies to keep their business protected and resilient.

Who’s Marco Hernandez?

I am! I own and operate TEK IT UP I.T. Services.
With 20+ years of experience in I.T. operations, I have been helping business owners in the Greater Toronto West Area conquer technology since 2008, so they can focus on what matters the most: their bottom line and their peace of mind!


❔ What am I going to learn in this workshop?

I will teach you how to identify correct cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your business.
The Workshop ends with a “homework” in the form of a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment.

❔ What is the time commitment for this workshop?

The Workshop is scheduled to run for 2 hours (120) minutes.

❔ What if I can’t make it?

The Workshop will be recorded and available after it’s over.

❔ How many participants you register per workshop?

I limit the number of participants at 10 – this creates a very dynamic and engaging experience.

❔ How much does the workshop cost?

Registration is $57 (Canadian Dollars).

❔ Are refunds available?

Because of the low cost of this workshop, refunds are not available.

❔ How’s the workshop delivered?

The Workshop runs the second Tuesday of every month, 120 minutes per session.

The Workshop’s format is a Zoom call with content in the form of definitions, how-to’s, discussions and presentations with the last 30 minutes as open Q&A + a complete Cybersecurity Assessment.

Sessions are recorded and available to missing participants on demand.