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Tax season driving you crazy? Of course it does! But it can be much worse if your QuickBooks or Profile are not loading your client’s data, or your email service can’t connect.
We know what matters to you and your clients!

Since 2008, we have been helping accountants and bookkeepers be more effective by leveraging the tech they have, not the most expensive or flashy.
In-house or outsourced employees, we know how to keep yours and your clients data safe and available.


From installation to configurations, data sharing and multi-user profiles, we know how to get QuickBooks and Simply Accounting up, running and backed up.

FIle Sharing With Clients and CRA

We know yours and your clients data must be secured and available. We help you use local backup systems and compliant cloud providers. No more piles of shoeboxes full of receipts, let’s get you digital!

Vendor Support

We partner with you and help you with Profile, DocuSign, efax, and anything in between! Network printers, leased equipment or any tech you help with, we got your back!

What is an IT Security Assessment?

An IT Security Assessment is a complete and deep analysis and reporting of the current state of your IT infrastructure, from software and online accounts all the way up to physical security of your IT environment.

What are the benefits of getting an IT Security Assessment?

Conducting an IT security assessment can provide numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Here are some key advantages of these assessments:

Identify vulnerabilities: Security assessments help businesses recognize weaknesses in their security measures, such as outdated software, misconfigured systems, or weak passwords. By understanding these vulnerabilities, organizations can take steps to mitigate risks and improve their overall cybersecurity posture.

Meet compliance requirements: Regular security assessments can help organizations comply with data security regulations. These assessments provide documentation of security and privacy policies, which serve as essential references for procedural audits and training foundations for employees.

Reduce costs: By identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats, security assessments enable businesses to take proactive steps to mitigate risks and avoid the high costs associated with data breaches. Additionally, these assessments help organizations make better-informed decisions about future security expenses, ensuring that their IT budgets are used efficiently.

Develop contingency plans: Security assessments provide an opportunity to create and update disaster recovery and business continuity plans, ensuring that organizations are prepared to respond effectively in the event of a security incident.

Improve employee training and awareness: Through security assessments, organizations can identify gaps between employee education and operational standards, allowing them to develop strategies for training and upskilling. These assessments also foster a healthy internal dialogue and encourage diligence throughout the company, making employees more aware of their role in maintaining security.

Enhance an overall security plan: Security assessments help organizations understand the level of risk associated with potential breaches or attacks, enabling them to develop appropriate countermeasures to protect their digital infrastructure. These assessments also provide insights into an organization's infrastructure and highlight inefficiencies that could be costing money, which can be streamlined with other technology solutions.

At TEK IT UP, our customers rely on us every day to protect critical information that contains sensitive data, which makes protecting that data a top priority for us.

We are proud to have completed this important examination and assure all our customers that we take security as seriously as they do.

What's Included in Your IT Security Assessment?

  • Complete list of IT Assets (Hardware and Software)
  • Internet Access Security
  • Vulnerabilities and Threats for all desktops, laptops, mobile devices and online accounts
  • Data Backup Policies and Procedures
  • Network Analysis
  • User Accounts and Privileges
  • Disaster Recovery Plan Review
  • Employee Training Review

Want to know more about Cybersecurity?

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Helping Oakville Conquer Technology Since 2008

Business Name: TODO Business Consultancy.

Location: Oakville and Ottawa, Ontario

Client Since: 2013

Some of the work we did and still do for TODO:

  • QuickBooks and QBO troubleshooting
  • Remote desktop configuration to access computers from two different locations (Oakville and Ottawa)
  • Windows 10 Professional upgrades
  • Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox configuration for file sharing with clients
  • Malware and virus removal
  • DTMax multi-user configuration and data profile migrations

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