Cyber Security Awareness Training

Knowledge is Power!

Ignoring cyber threats is no longer an option… and you know it.

This is why I am suuuuper excited to partner with Webroot and develop TEK IT UP’s Cyber Security Awareness Traning.

Watch this short introductory video and find out what’s this all about 👩‍💻

Why Do I Need Security Awareness Training? 

What is Security Awareness Training Anyway?

Criminals target organizations for a variety of reasons. They might aim for long-term network infiltration and data theft, attempt to scam users or businesses out of data or money, or try steal user credentials to access different parts of the network. They might also attempt to turn an end user’s machine into a ‘zombie’ as part of a botnet or spam relay, or to mine cryptocurrency by hijacking its CPU. There are numerous possibilities.

Security Awareness Training (SAT) provides regular training to individuals and businesses so they can empower end users to identify and report scams, avoid risks, fulfil regulatory compliance requirements, and help prevent modern cyberattacks.

Ok, I am listening... What kind of training are you providing?

Oh you're going to love this part! We have two options:

Phishing Simulator: remeber those emails your get from "Best Buy" or "Amazon" asking you to click on a button to redeem an offer or to claim a $500 gift card? Well, we can run those simulators too and provide you with a detailed report on what, when and how your employees clicked on those links and we then redirect them to online training so they learn how not to do that again.

Online Training: we also provide customized training based on your choices from our Course List... you choose what training to get.

All our trainings are engaging and interactive. Participants can access and launch all courses in one click from any browser on any computer or mobile device.

Let’s Talk About Security Training!

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