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We make sure your dental office is free of technology cavities so you don’t need to go through the equivalent of a digital root canal. 

Dental offices have a very specific technology stack, and they rely on everything working so patients don’t wait and you can provide exceptional service without worrying about a printer not working or a computer freezing up.

Computers and Networking for consultation rooms and reception

We install laptops or desktop computers on every room so dentists and dental hygienists have the patients charts ready to go! We accomodate the tech around your space and make it as little intrusive as possible.

patients data backup and availability

Dexis, Autopia, Opes and more… we make sure all the patients and your practice’s records and data are safely secured and available, in accordance with the Royal College of
Dental Surgeons of Ontario
‘s regulations. 

Vendor Support

We partner with you and help you deal with your multiple technology vendors and providers. We translate the complicated geek mumbo-jumbo and take that tedious job off your hands.


Business Name: Dr. Jawad Tawil Dentistry.

Location: Oakville, Ontario

Client Since: 2009

Some of the work we did and still do for TODO:

  • Procurement and configuration of desktops, laptops and networking equipment for the entire office
  • OPES and DEXIS support and data backup
  • Networking configuration for OPES shared access on all patient rooms
  • Internal and guest wi-fi access configuration
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Network printers configuration
  • Microsoft 365 licensing management
  • e-mail configuration and troubleshooting
  • Third-party tech vendors support and management

If you are not happy with your current technology situation or need help pronto, let’s talk!

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